Unlimited passion for the ocean as a means of life, adventure and exploration. We support, guide and create with our engineering and designs the means that will take our clients to the next adventure or experience with a technical, innovative and sustainable approach.


To empower our clients to realize their visions; transporting them to a world of experiences, discoveries and adventures where we can all live, enjoy and learn from the oceans. To inspire and promote with our creative thinking the possibilities to see the oceans as a means of life, understanding and innovations.



doing things differently focused on the client, on what we want to convey, on emotion, on creativity, on imagination and illusion. We are not mechanics.

Creation / innovation

strive to promote solutions or shape a better future betting on creativity. Inspiration empower the world and our clients to develop projects.


A team that works with freedom and motivation to think and create collective ideas.


Enhance listening and support cooperation among all members (client, team and collaborators) involved in a project.


Cause the least damage to the environment with our projects and solutions.


Guide with the heart and the mind to all our projects.


Our independence gives us the authority we need to offer the best solution to our clients.


We transparent, loyal, honest and responsible.


We have total geographic flexibility to mobilize where the client requires us.


Our goal is excellence.


Iván Salas Jefferson

Iván Salas Jefferson

Technical Management & Design (International)


Ivan is a results-oriented naval architect, designer and project manager with proven expertise in yacht construction and engineering. Ivan comes with a comprehensive portfolio of refits and new construction projects. Passionate about well-thought designs and highly motivated to launch or support new projects and forming excellent relationships with colleagues and clients. Effective in the project development, ensuring high quality results, on time and on budget. Always looking for new design possibilities to disrupt the trends.

Joan Gelabert

Joan Gelabert

Technical Management & Design (Palma)


Joan is a creative yacht designer and marine engineer with a mindset for solution finding. He is specialised in production design and technical management, generally following all the stages of his designs, from conception to delivery. He is well rehearsed in the yachting industry, having sharpened his pencils by working in some of the most iconic racers and performance yachts afloat today. Trained in top class yacht design environments, he soon engages with captains, owners or crew members, working alongside them, to bring their design and project needs into reality.

Lucy Shortland

Lucy Shortland

Administration & Logistics


Lucy is an organised perfectionist who likes to get it right and hates letting people down. She has key attributes of professionalism, persistence and great communication skills to get the job done and to get it done right. With her whole family involved in the marine industry she is a key element to our team providing the customer a positively great experience when you work with her whist keeping the team organized.

Heriberto Salas

Heriberto Salas



Heriberto is the veteran and master-mind behind the company, taking care of all the accounting, administration, banking and also acting as financial consultant for our clients.

With a lifelong experience in supporting the yachting industry, supporting the start and development of a number of companies and guiding them towards success, he keeps the company and project accountings ship shaped.

Andrea Polato

Andrea Polato

Design & Architecture


Andrea, a multi-talented architect always aiming for perfection. With a passion for design and an expert in advance modelling, computer generated images and videos, Andrea is a key team member in the development of our yacht series and unique superyacht interior and exterior custom designs. Andrea is constantly pushing boundaries to exceed our Clients and His personal expectations by integrating new techniques or improving process efficiencies. His capacity to imagine beforehand spaces and relationships between shapes and lights allow him to create the “perfect” forms and geometries for any interior or exterior design challenge which is essential for the studio to go beyond the highest standards.