The Exploration of Art and Technology

We at IDDES bring to today the complete offerings of the latest technology available from the conceptual artistic representation of computer-generated images and video editing to the integration of real engines and virtual reality environments with the use of generative and parametric design processes for improved results, rapid processes and effective communications.



The Complete Design Spiral

In IDDES we can undertake the complete design spiral from concept design to detail engineering with well-thought naval architecture, design and production understanding.



Attention to detail

IDDES offers a team of world class designers and specialists with a blend of expertise such as mechanical, structural, composite and advance manufacturing engineers which support the outfitting of high-performance sailing yachts or superyachts integrating this advance design knowledge and engineering overview to the product design, manufacturing and installation for all type of components.


Modelling real-world situations


Our team at IDDES provide broad physical modeling capabilities needed to model flow, turbulence, heat transfer and structural analysis. These range from computational fluid dynamics (CFD) or finite element analysis (FEA) applied in different applications such as studying the performance of a combination of different appendages or optimizing a hull shape. We integrate these at early design stages for enhanced end-results.