The Class 55 is the ultimate platform to embark on any expedition or adventure. Its large helideck can be used to carry tenders and amphibious vehicles enabling access to the most remote areas. And its length overall of 55 meters has been carefully chosen to generously incorporate all necessary requirements whilst allowing the yacht to navigate in the most spectacular hidden locations with ease. The Class 55 is the most complete go-anywhere exploration vessel within a timeless design.

The Class 55 has been designed to represent a new environment of possibilities. A hybrid that takes the most important elements of yacht building, operations and design; and removes all aspects that are not essential to the vision of its purpose. A work of constant improvement that allows its essence to flourish.

The Class 55 is an expression that understands the demands of a yacht with unlimited operational restrictions, capable of fulfilling all expeditions and adventure requirements whilst exceeding its design DNA.

The Class 55 has been designed with careful consideration towards every manufacturing and operational requirement, an extensive design exercise that constantly evolves to reach and exceed the expectations in each of these aspects.

The Class 55 offers the highest technological standards ensuring its surroundings are left untouched by its presence, with at its core the possibility of a hydro hybrid power plant propulsion option.