SY Black Sails

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Length: 39.95 m

Beam: 7.90 m

Draft: 4.50 m

Builder: Wally

Involvement: Technical Management, Design & Engineering

Location: STP, Palma de Mallorca

We took care of the necessary modifications to the engine room, so that their generators could be upgraded. The new units were larger in size, so we had to plan how to make space, relocating some of the components, and rerouting some of the piping elements, and we also had to redesign the engine beds. We made full scale wooden mockups to make sure we would not have surprises in the final assembly. We managed the accounts, purchasing the genset units and bringing in the required specialists. Whilst being onboard, we were asked to also take care of a series of modifications to the steering pedestals.

Additionally, we were contracted to design, engineering and manufacture the cradles and splashes, capable of being mounted on top of commercial containers for drydock periods and Atlantic freight crossing. Also capable of collapsing to fit inside the same containers, for shipping. Built from carbon composite and structural steel.