abril 07, 2020

“Mr Zaman’s briefing was very short and very to the point; he said, ‘I want a spaceship in the water’.”

Roland Heiler of Porsche Design Studio

The final session of day two saw Greenline’s Gianluca Ascheri, Roland Heiler from Porsche and Ivan Salas Jefferson from Royal Falcon Fleet take to the stage to discuss their collaboration on the game-changing RFF135 catamaran.

“The challenge was probably the exterior,” Heiler said. “And the challenge there was that even though we worked with an engineering company that was specialised in catamaran designs, and it had done wave piercers and things like this before, most catamaran boats in silhouette still look very much like a normal yacht because you don’t really see the second hull.”

That’s exactly what Mr Zaman, the client and CEO of Royal Falcon Fleet, didn’t want. As a result, the yacht is recognisable as a catamaran side-on from a distance and it has an extremely unique aesthetic. All on stage agreed that the success of the design and project as a whole came down to collaboration between the different parties in the process. Built in Sweden, naval architecture from Incat Crowther in Australia, Porsche in Austria, Greenline in Dubai and Royal Falcon Fleet is based in Singapore – Jefferson admitted that coordinating it all was a challenge but that everyone brought something unique and important to the table. “In a normal yacht project our company would be involved only in the production phases,” said Ascheri. “However, in this case there were endless possibilities to utilise all the tools that the design was putting at our disposal for doing out-of-the-box thinking experiences.”

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